Jan 17, 2023 | Blog

In 1982 I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and by 1987, experienced a need to sort things out, focus, to know myself.

I had a need to know what I am here for, and how to best accomplish it for the glory of God rather than what I thought was expected of me. Until then I went from one to-do list to another but never seemed to accomplish anything lasting.

I imagined standing before God at the end of my life, seeing all my hats fall off as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, teacher, etc. and God saying to me,

“What have you done with the gifts I’ve given you?”What gifts? I didn’t know about them. What would I say?

This called for a plan that was the most difficult for me as an intuitive person. I misplace things, especially paper, so this was more of a challenge than defining my purpose from the inside rather than the outside doer role.

As I explored, the tools I needed seemed to drop into my hands from a speaker, teacher, or friend. I then began to discover myself as I focused on truth, my gifts and healing of wounds. It took one year to ponder, pray, and embrace my purpose.

I shared what I learned with those around me who wanted the same.  From this process, Sheep Shed Mentoring Ministry was formed in 2005; Heal Equip. Go forth to share the Good News.

Every year, July and December, I schedule some time with myself to take a look at everything I’m doing; keep what’s working, throw out what’s not and add one thing.


Over the years…Sort, Give-Away, Toss or Sell evolved in an effort to declutter our home. Then it expanded to include tasks in our garden, yard and my business, Sheep Shed Mentoring Ministry. This keeps me on task and gives me a chance to refocus on the next season. This process always includes my go-to organizer, FlyLady.com.

My life now has order. I must admit though, there are times when I lose my thread and procrastinate. Seems to be about the same time every year July or December. Having a meeting with myself helps me get back on track.

This past July was a turning point in the whole process. My life situation altered, once again, with my husband needing surgery, which keeps me focused on him and my home, until he can manage things for himself again.

Maybe you can relate…

If you are like me, you juggle more roles than anyone you know and probably more effectively. You may help others accomplish their goals, but seem never to get to accomplish your own. You may put in a full, productive day, but somehow always end up an hour short.

This is what Sybil Stanton describes in her book, The 25-Hour Woman.  This book was a life-saver for me. I scheduled my first meeting with myself in September 1987 and have continued twice a year since.

About a year ago, as I was walking along, and it seemed to me that someone or something, put a cloak like garment on me and I immediately understood that I am doing what I’m called to do and it is good. I completely understood. This is something I felt; there wasn’t anything I could see. I felt encouraged and affirmed in my life.

The most important revelation so far came during this last meeting with myself; this is not a plan… it’s a path.

One of my favorite Scriptures explains it best: John 21:17b-18. Jesus said, “Feed my sheep. I tell you the truth, when you were younger, you dressed yourself and went where you wanted; but when you are old you will stretch out your hands, and someone else will dress you and lead you where you do not want to go.

In my words, when I began my ministry I made my plans and asked God to bless them and He did, but as I’m maturing I go where He directs me and  the experiences change me. Thank you God and thank all who come as we are all in this together.

Over time I will share my experience with you. In the meantime, think about, whom you are and whose you are?

What is your reason for living? Do you know how to unpack your giftedness and step into your place?  No one else can do it for you or take it from you unless you let them.

At the Sheep Shed we explore individual paths and find out who you are and whose you are so that you can go out to fulfill your God given purpose!

Check out these classes to see where God is leading you…My Journey, Motivational Gifts, and The People Puzzle.  Then make your appointment for your initial assessment to find your path and start Your Journey.