Jan 17, 2023 | Blog

You have stood so long

You have tried and tried and tried

That is why you are so drained and weary

It is time to “stand down”


That does not mean “sit down”

You will still be standing

But you will be leaning more as you stand

From now on you will be enabled to stand up

While at the same time standing down


No need to fight

No need to struggle

No need to try


Only a need to surrender

To be open

To be real

To feel however you feel

All the while leaning upon me


Imagine a rock

The pretty red sort you saw once

The sort that look soft

Feel soft and yet are hard

Those rocks are both soft and pliable and hard

Able to support weight

Yet moldable

I am that sort of Rock

Strong enough to support you

Strong enough for you to lean on

Yet malleable for you to lean into


When you heart is crying out, “I can’t”,

That is a true and valid cry.

Your heart cant

Your heart is weary

When I reply, “I know but I can.”

That means you have permission

As well an invitation to stand down

To stop doing and trying.

And simply “be”.


May the Lord bless you and keep you.

{Guest post by, Joan Ray}