Horizontal Alignment

God is experience and any experience that brings a reaction that is greater than what is happening is a signal that God has His finger on something that needs healing. Tracking from the event to the root is needed for healing and the ability to act like yourself all the time rather than exploding or closing down the relationship. The following groups provide a plumb line to align your relationships to bring healing and a closer relationship with God.


Through the Bible in 90 Sessions

How about Through the Bible in 90 Sundays?

This is a journey from Walk Thru the Bible with portions specifically selected to show us the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Fun to walk with others through God’s masterpiece of love, faith, and salvation. A perfect study for Sunday Mornings, a personal devotional time or a 13-week study plan.


Understanding the Love of Your Life

The experience offers a unique and refreshing opportunity to discover or rediscover how God has made you for each other and how teamwork in your marriage will take you to the next level and beyond. For those who are engaged or recently married, those married for years to find the way to the right answers for you. Offered for couples, small groups, or classes.


Sharpening Your People Skills

Knowing your strengths and the characteristics of your ideal work environment, your weaknesses, where you need other, and areas of personal growth. You will develop a greater understanding and appreciation of others as you look at how people are different. Then you will learn how to increase your effectiveness and be more successful in dealing with others through practicing versatility and learn how to apply them. 6 hours. Small group or class setting .