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Jan 17, 2023 | Blog

There’s a beginning and an end for everything that is alive and in between is living.

Living has ups and downs, joys and sorrows, challenges and routine and not one of them will wait their turn or one doesn’t wait for the other to start or finish. It’s a part of everything in betweenLifetimes: Bryan Mellonie and Robert Ingpen

My day could be explained as routine of related things. If I can do the routine, I can handle the unexpected. I get up in the morning, dress to the shoes and wipe out the sink then swish the toilet bowl. On my way to the desk at the back of the house I stop by the bedroom and take a load of clothes that need to be washed and deposit them in the washer as I go by.

I check the schedule, read the Word for my One Thing from God for the day, return phone calls, or go to appointments for the day. On my way out I stop at the washing machine and put the clothes into the dryer and I’m out the door. My life is like that; everything is related and works altogether. Make one change and everything has to realign and I find the need to Get a Grip.

Lately, changes in computer programs, website, email, and more changes overwhelmed me. The computer is and always has been a challenge. I’m convinced it changes everything as I sleep. It’s to be confessed here also that I literally tape notes to the wall for bookkeeping so the figures don’t move on me. I can’t keep track of them. A bookkeeping teacher once wrote a note on my homework, “Many chickens have been scratching here.”

Frustration is always right under the surface when dealing with this stuff, and you know frustration is a nice way to explain anger. All to say, I have to take my own advice right now and Get a Grip.