The Foundation

The Foundation is to strengthen belief. Ensure your knowledge of who you are and see other people as God created them and how this all fits together. We use a series of classes to help strengthen beliefs.


I will Give You Rest—Start Here!

Have you ever wondered… How this Christian life works? Where to begin? How much should you do and how much does God do? What is your part? This experience can help you answer those tough questions. Learn how God can transform your life with accountability, prayer and growth. Join me in this is a 12-week interactive class. 

This group is consistently in process, various locations. Starting January and February. Contact the Ministers now.


Solving the People Puzzle—Your Personality

Think of all your relationships as pieces of a puzzle and how they fit together, or not, and how great it would be to have a puzzle piece key to help in challenging situations. This is it, showing you how temperaments fit together. The key doesn’t solve the puzzle for you but shows you how to solve it yourself through self-discovery, understanding others, and improving relationships with one person at a time. Each person is unique. This takes only 6 hours.


Motivational Gifts/Redemptive Gifts

Understanding the redemptive gifts will give you a greater understanding of the potential that you have, as well as the challenges that you face. It will help you find your individual strengths and weaknesses. You will begin to understand in a deeper way why God created you. You will learn to stop wasting your time on those things that are motivated by woundedness rather than by your Father's Design. Your love of your Father will go to a deeper level as you begin to see more clearly His love and destiny for you. In short, you will recognize in a new way what it means to be a child of the Most High God. This is the deepest and most complete descriptive adventure into your gifts. Short version is 8 weeks, longer version can take a year.


Uniquely You

Uniquely You is a combination of the Motivational Gifts, Your Temperament, and where you fit in ministry. Your natural bent toward thinking, feeling, and acting is your natural blend of gifts (personality). You are supernaturally motivated through your motivational gifts. Each person is unique and one of a kind to be “fitly joined together”, to fulfill your God given purpose individually and as a part of the group.  Once you complete this group, you should have a better idea of where you fit best in life and ministry. There is a lot to learn from Human Behavior, Science and the Bible. 8 weeks.