Small Groups

A Corner stone aligns the structure vertically, horizontally, and assures a firm foundation. To be a living stone we need to align with Christ the Cornerstone for wisdom and timing to be built into His spiritual house. You have a mission, a purpose, a lifetime call that is unique to you and you alone. You will find it and you will know it when you do. Take your place in His spiritual house.



The classes and Schools are presented in three categories: assures a firm foundation (I don’t know what to call these so that people would understand alignment. A firm foundation is basic beginning done while prayer ministry is also taking place to address issues as they come up. The Vertical Alignment is hearing God and The Horizontal is all relationships, broken, building and otherwise.)

Divine Mentoring

Develop the tools to learn how to hear from God through SOAP…scripture, observation, application and prayer.


You are created at your core with a desire to be truly seen, really known, and unconditionally loved. Life has not been perfect or even easy. It never is.

Life Model

The Life Model encompasses your experiences from birth to death and gives practical guidance on how to maximize each of those stages, as well as how to minimize the blocks that would keep you from living to the fullest.

Motivational Gifts

My Journey continues with the discovery and use of My Motivational Gifts. Gifts can determine your purpose and help you accomplish your goals.

My Journey

Have you ever wondered… How this Christian life works? Where to begin? How much should you do and how much does God do? What is my part? My Journey can help you answer those tough questions.

Spiritual Growth

We all know that salvation is a spiritual birth. The next steps are learning who you are, learning how to be and act like yourself and finally share what you learned so you can help someone else attain it.