Jan 17, 2023 | Blog

In my dream…

I walked in to view my coffin and found myself aware of the young man who was arranging things, but couldn’t find the cloth that was to be used to cover my face in the coffin.

The priest closed the coffin anyway. The ribbon that was used to tie around the coffin wasn’t long enough to make the bows so I helped to try to make the bows with what was available.

The coffin was closed the whole time but I was aware that I was in it. The bows couldn’t be formed but I knew there was pretty ribbon coming on the arrangement for the service.

The next morning…

I opened a book that I was reading, ALL IN, by Mark Batterson. The title of the first chapter is: Pack Your Coffin.

Mark tells how missionaries of the past would pack all of their precious belongings in their coffin, buy a one way ticket to their mission field, because they knew they were not coming back. Mark asks if we you’re all in.

I thought that I was All In, and then thought that I should ask God where I am I not all in. I didn’t hear anything.

The following day…

My car sat in the driveway while I waited for the mechanic to call, and let me know that the parts were in. I had some errands to run so I drove our Honda Pilot.

I drove to the office, met with my appointment and locked up. I kept my keys in my hand, as I always do, to have it ready to open the car door when I get to the parking lot.
I got into the Pilot and put the key into the ignition; nothing happened. In fact the steering wheel would not even budge.

Finally, I called my husband to ask his advice and he walked me through some steps that he thought would solve the problem. It didn’t.

While he was on his way to come and fix this the problem, I sat still and in my frustration said out loud, “God, will you please show me what the problem is here?”

I took the key out of the ignition and looked at it. It was the key to my car that was sitting in the driveway. Duh! So I quickly called my husband, who was almost within shouting distance away by now. He turned around and went back home.

I went ahead and made a few more stops and arrived at home to hear that my husband had called Honda to complain about this problem.

He then told me about the phone call a couple more times so I finally fessed up and told him, “It works if you use the right key.” He said, “Oh, don’t tell me that!”

I pondered the situation and am amazed that I do what I’ve always done without even thinking to check. The steps are all the same but the result is certainly different.


I’m in the grocery store parking lot with my hands full of bags, purposefully holding the keys to the Pilot so I don’t forget. I can’t find the Pilot. I retrace my entrance to the parking lot in my mind to remember the place I parked. I finally see it and realize I was all this time looking for my car, not the Pilot.

First…it’s the wrong key in my hand for the right car.

Second…it’s the right key but the wrong car in the picture of my mind.

Both seemed like truth.

So I ask God, What are you trying to tell me? Where am I not all in?

A few days later it became clear; I need to use new keys (right keys) and I need to renew my mind.

I was excited but never expected to have God teach me more.

On another occasion…

One of my dear friends called to say that the check she sent to my post office box was returned to her. Upon investigation, I found that the post office box was locked; the cashier at the post office stated that they never received my rental check, for the upcoming year. In fact, I hand delivered the payment to the post office to the attention of the Postmaster. The cashier stated that the check had never been received and my only options were to either pay to reopen the box by paying six months rent ahead of time or fill out a change of address so that my mail can be forwarded to my house. All mail received for the post office box has been mailed back to sender.

Of course, I was beyond frustrated, and asked my husband what to do. He says I never listen or do what he says–that’s probably true. He suggested that I get a box right outside my office. Simply complete some paper work and the post office will fix it right up for you; said my retired mailman husband. So I did, he was surprised that I actually did what he suggested.

I went to the post office, they guided me through the paper work and the postmistress told me that I could pick up my keys in a few days.

God has redirected me to new thinking; why continue to pay for something that no longer meets my needs, drive out of my way to check the mail, when all I need to do is check the mail in passing on my walk to the office.

As my bible fell open to Isaiah 60 and I begin to read. What I didn’t realize was, that I thought I was reading Psalm 60 instead of Isaiah 60. I just saw the 60 and assumed I was there.

Verse 19 “The sun will no longer be your light by day nor the brightness of the moon shine upon you for the Lord will be your everlasting light and your God will be Your glory.”


It’s time for complete dependence on God. He will give light for good times and dark times. It is on Him. I depended on Him the last few months–He has directed!


For me–I turn to you God, my life has taken a real turn to focus on my husband’s, needs through surgery and added duties like the garden and the pool.


Father I ask this day to sort out and give me priorities just for today. What I have before me is overwhelming. Order my day I give you the list. Amen.