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An Unexpected Answer

Jan 11, 2023 | Blog


My real relationship with God began with an unexpected answer to a one-line prayer during a self-made crisis many years ago. You may have heard this before.

I attended a Zig Ziglar seminar in Dallas, Texas in 1982 where I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in the bathroom at 4 a.m. That’s a story in itself.

It was business as usual when I returned home and intense because it was the end of the quarter and I wanted to be on the ladder of success. To do that I needed to place an order that day.

My prayer: “Lord, today is the end of the quarter; I have $500 and need $500 more how are we going to do this? Amen.”

It was a cry of desperation, and frustration. I did not know how to pray any other way than that. I didn’t expect Him to answer and He didn’t, right then.

However, in the mail that day there was an envelope, the minute I touched it I knew it was important. I noticed it was from VISA as I opened to read: “Due to your outstanding credit we have enclosed for your convenience a check for $500.”

I was so excited and shared it with Sweet Honey. He listened and then looked up at me with that “What are you thinking?” look on his face. I could see his disapproval so I didn’t use the check. In my devotion the next morning I read “Oh Yea of little faith” Did I miss it? Doubt began to seep in at that point.

Of course, all kinds of issues could enter in here, as I shouldn’t wait until the last minute to scurry around and meet my goal.

Second, consider the debt before going into it and the ability to pay if off without further interest. Many things like that.

However, learning to expect God to answer but not always immediate and not always as a voice in my head became a way of life for me.

I began to seek him and I found Him in books I read, clouds in the sky, what people say, in the garden, in the mail and many more.

This one thing really formed and gave direction to Sheep Shed Mentoring Ministry.

My goal is always to get people to the feet of Jesus so God can touch them with the answer they seek and want more. Their journey begins and through the experience, they go deeper with God and grow spiritually.

In the years since that first prayer, I have witnessed over and over people who come from far and wide who come in or call with an issue and as we unpack it God meets them, sometimes with revelation knowledge, healing, clarity of a troubling situation, and the list goes on.

Their journey begins.